Livestock Gang- OD Green

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For my entire career, I’ve felt like a head of cattle. From standing in long lines making guttural noises to being prodded by insecure wannabe cowboys trying to dictate my every move. I remember as a small child, every time I found myself in a large crowd such as in a ski lift line or entering a crowded building, my dad would begin loudly yelling “MOOOOOOOO” and I really didn’t feel that until I was a middle aged men waiting for a vaccination that apparently 20 other people needed at the exact same time as me; I thought maybe that’s why “appointments” were invented, to cut down on a large number of people having to stand around and wait all at once, but appointments require organization and organization requires intelligence, neither of which are SOP. Whatever. It is what it is. If you’ve ever felt like a young North American bison roaming the vast Montana plains looking for a fresh patch to #GrazeOnBunsAndRaiseSomeSons, then bless yourself with a new shirt. Livestock Gang. #CattleProdsAndBattleQuads 

(Next Level CVC T-Shirt for max durability; if you’re in between sizes, go up).